• 5 Myths About Relationship/Couples Counseling

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    The main aim of relationship/couples counseling is to help couples improve their relationship. It equips couples with interpersonal and other skills they need to resolve relationship conflicts. Couples therapy can address a wide range of relationship problems, such as trust issues after an affair, emotional distance, and intimacy issues.

    Since it originated in Germany in the 1920s, many myths about couples counseling have been doing the rounds. We have compiled a list of common couples counseling myths that every couple should know. Take a look!

    Only Couples Who Have Drifted Apart Need Couples Counseling

    There is no denying that most couples see a relationship counselor when their relationship hits rock bottom. However, that does not mean that partners who feel connected, loved, cherished, and resolve conflicts amicably would not benefit from couples counseling. Relationship counseling gives couples a safe place to discuss their feelings with a professional. A counselor can help partners understand each other’s perspectives and address emerging relationship issues to keep their relationship strong and healthy.

    Couples Therapy Leads to Breakup/Divorce

    On the contrary, couples counseling can help couples in New York on the verge of splitting up save their struggling relationship by better understanding the root cause of the problems they are facing and addressing it. If a relationship is beyond saving, a couples counselor can help the couple amicably end their relationship.

    Therapy Takes Forever

    Some couples start to see the benefits of couples counseling after just 4-6 sessions with their counselor. Short-term therapy usually lasts between 8 and 20 sessions. How long you and your partner will be in therapy depends on several factors, such as therapy goals, the counselor’s choice of counseling/treatment method, and how committed you both are.

    The Therapist Will Take My Partner’s Side

    The objective of couples counseling is to help couples understand where and how things went downhill instead of finding who is at fault. An experienced couples counselor with their clients’ best interests at heart never takes sides. They help couples process their emotions instead of blaming one person for everything. You and your partner must trust your counselor and realize that if they support the other person’s views, it’s because they see the logic behind their views.

    Couples Therapy Will Only Make Things Worse

    Many couples think that a couples counselor will encourage them to dig up the past, leaving them feeling bitter after every session. As a result, they will grow further apart. A couples counselor will help you two deal with skeletons in your closet, so you can bury the past and move on.

    Cooper Mental Health Counseling offers couples counseling in NYC. Our counselors are equipped with the skills to help couples work through complex, multifaceted relationship problems. To make an appointment with a counselor, call (347) 244-7873.

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