• 5 Tips to Prepare for Couples Counseling

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    Are you struggling to keep the spark alive in your relationship? Does every conversation between you and your partner turn into a heated argument? Consider giving couples therapy in Brooklyn a try.

    The main aim of couples counseling is to address the root causes of relationship problems.

    In couples therapy, a counselor works with couples through relationship issues. During couples counseling sessions, therapists conduct various psychotherapy exercises designed to equip couples with coping skills. There are also take-home exercises for couples to build intimacy.

    Now that you have decided to see a therapist, follow these tips to prepare for couples counseling.

    Set Shared Goals With Your Partner

    Ask each other these questions to set shared goals:

    • How do we want to grow as a couple?
    • What problems are we struggling with?
    • What are our conflict management and attachment styles?
    • Do our conflicts escalate frequently?
    • Do we argue in front of our kids too often?
    • Do we fight more often than we should?
    • Do we really enjoy each other’s company?
    • Do we listen to each other and validate each other’s feelings?
    • How intimate are we with each other?

    Once you have set shared goals, discuss them with your therapist who will develop a customized treatment plan to achieve them.

    Discuss Your Privacy Expectations

    Some couples are comfortable discussing the details regarding their sessions with their friends and loved ones, others may want to be more discreet. To avoid unwelcome surprises, set privacy expectations. Talk to your partner about who you are going to tell and what you’re going to tell beforehand.

    Expect to Share Your Family History

    During the initial consultation session, your therapist may ask you and your partner family history questions to better understand your respective attachment styles and how you both relate to others. Be prepared to share thoughts, emotions, and stories that are just yours, and not necessarily a part of the relationship.

    Know That It’s Okay to Feel Nervous Before Your First Therapy Appointment

    It’s perfectly natural for you and your partner to feel anxious about starting therapy. After all, you may be sharing intimacy-related and other issues you have only discussed with your partner. You may also be discussing problems with your therapist that you have not even shared with your partner.

    Do not worry if you and your partner feel anxious about starting your therapeutic journey. Know that it is part of the therapy experience. Instead of freaking out, be patient and go into therapy with a positive attitude.

    Mark Your Calendars

    Once you find a counselor who deserves your trust, call their office to schedule an appointment. Make sure you and your partner mark your calendars. Set a reminder so you don’t forget to attend the session.

    Cooper Mental Health Counseling offers different types of therapies to individuals and couples in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New York City. Our licensed therapists use a range of techniques to help individuals and couples overcome obstacles and help themselves. To schedule an appointment, call (347) 244-7873.

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