• Career Counseling

    Career Counseling

    Our offices have become our second homes and our work also impacts our personal lives. People who are unhappy at work are likely to feel stuck in their lives. Job dissatisfaction (or unhappiness) can lead to anxiety, stress, and even depression if left untreated. This level of dissatisfaction can also affect your relationships.

    If you are in the process of choosing the right career or considering a career change, consider the answers to these questions:

    ➢ What are you good at?
    ➢ What are your skill sets?
    ➢ What are the activities you enjoy the most?
    ➢ What are your values, ethics, and morals?
    ➢ Are you looking for work that is intensely challenging or something more stable?

    Cooper Mental Health is committed to helping individuals make informed decisions when it comes to their careers. Whether you are an experienced professional and are facing a mid-career crisis or have just completed your education and need help choosing the right path to walk down, we have you covered.

    Our counselors have the skills and experience required to guide individuals facing tough career decisions. We offer career coaching and counseling services in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.

    Choosing a career or switching to a new career is not easy. Many individuals become overwhelmed at the idea of making a major career move. This is why we do not just help individuals choose the right career and successfully transition to a new career; we also assist them to manage the stress that comes with the decision.

    The focus of career coaching in NYC is to help individuals find their true calling. During the initial session, our counselors ask clients different questions about their hobbies, interests, and passions. The objective of the initial session is to understand what excites the person the most.

    During these initial sessions, we work together with our clients to set and define counseling milestones and goals.

    Subsequent sessions focus on helping individuals set off on a journey of self-discovery. They are encouraged to ask themselves questions to improve their self-awareness. We realize the important role a calm and relaxing environment plays in helping clear an individual’s mind. Our therapists use relaxing music and incense sticks to create a serene environment.

    A peaceful environment encourages people to tap into their inner self. Once they are successful in connecting with their inner self, all doubts fade away which paves the way for better decision making.

    We provide non-discriminatory service and pride ourselves on respecting our clients and act as facilitators in their self-improvement. We make recommendations on how our clients may approach trials and tribulations. However, accepting or rejecting them is up to the client.

    Effective career counseling is more about listening than talking. Our counselors have mastered the art of listening and give their clients enough time to talk about their inhibitions and confusions. They never interrupt when a client is speaking and wait patiently for them to finish talking before recommending a course of action.

    Any kind of bias affects the quality of counseling. Our counselors are non-judgmental and solely focused on their client’s success. They support clients throughout their journey of choosing the best career for themselves rather than judging them for their career choices.

    We cannot emphasize enough the importance of trust in a therapeutic relationship. Trust takes years to build, minutes to break, and forever to rebuild. We follow confidentiality guidelines and rules.

    When an individual decides to give counseling near them a try, we make a promise to keep their personal information safe. Our counselors never share client information with third parties. Our unwavering commitment to confidentiality is critical to our success.

    Helping people who may feel lost in life is our primary objective.

    Our experience has taught us that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to counseling. A counseling technique that works wonders for a particular client may fail to yield results in another case.

    After we have created a client profile, their counselor determines the right counseling techniques. Based on their understanding of the client’s personality and outlook, they design a strategy to build trust and create a strong bond.

    We offer post-counseling support. When counseling is complete, we conduct a thorough follow-up counseling session. The aim of post-counseling support is to ensure that the client is following our recommendations and working toward achieving their goals.

    One of the most common questions our clients ask us is how many sessions of counseling they will need. It is infinitely difficult to predict the number of sessions a person will need to achieve their goals in the beginning. Many people need 6-12 sessions, but some people may need more sessions. In the end, each person’s journey through counseling and has its own unique challenges, breakthroughs, and goals.

    At Cooper Mental Health Counseling, we respect our clients’ choices and believe in building lifelong relationships with our clients. More than our clients’ counselor, we are a friend they can rely on. Have questions about career counseling? Call our office at (347) 244-7873.