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    Couples Counseling

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    Every relationship has its ups and downs. If you and your partner fight with each other, you are not alone. It’s a completely natural part of a relationship. However, problems can arise when arguments transform into toxic conflicts.

    Do you feel that the spark in your relationship is fizzling out? Do you frequently get into arguments with your partner? Do you fail to stop arguments before they escalate? If you answered yes to these questions, you should consider giving couples counseling in Manhattan a try.

    A couple may benefit from counseling if they want to increase intimacy in their relationship, spice up their sex life, develop more romance in their relationship, or cooperate more effectively in raising their kids.

    If you are facing relationship problems, look for a certified, experienced and licensed couples counselor near you. Before consulting a psychologist, make sure they have the expertise and experience required to acquire an in-depth understanding of relationship issues couples face and develop solutions that treat the root cause of these issues.

    There are several compelling reasons to give couples counseling a try. The main aim of couples therapy is to get to the root cause of conflicts and find out why arguments turn into ugly spats.


    Some common goals of couples counseling are: improving communication between partners, encouraging couples to better accept each other, discovering the root causes of major conflict points, restoring physical and emotional intimacy, equipping partners with the skills required to identify and avoid triggers, and better understand each other.

    Couples gain insights into their relationship dynamics and better understanding of their relational patterns. They acquire the necessary skills required to solve relationship problems.

    Even couples in strong relationships can benefit from counseling as it can strengthen your relationship by allowing you and your partner to better understand each other’s values and expectations, preventing conflicts from occurring, and improving intimacy.

    Couples therapy can address an existing problem, prevent exacerbations of existing issues, or help couples in a steady relationship navigate transitions.

    One of the most common questions we hear is how long couples counseling takes to begin working? Studies show that the course of treatment typically lasts between 12 and 20 sessions.

    Many couples may need just a few months to work through issues, while others need a few years. How long couples therapy will take will depend on your choice of treatment model, treatment goals, the amount of effort you and your partner are willing to put in, and the severity of the problem.

    At Cooper Mental Health Counseling, we are committed to helping couples rekindle the spark in their relationship. Our team comprises licensed and certified counselors that have the expertise and experience required to notice the signs of a struggling relationship and help solve the root cause of relationship issues.

    Our counselors are trained in different types of therapy. They have the expertise required to tailor treatment plans based on our clients’ unique needs. In the initial sessions, we interview couples to better understand trigger points for conflicts in their relationship and their relationship history.

    After we acquire an in-depth understanding of relationship issues, we set treatment goals and milestones. During therapy sessions, we equip couples with the skills required to resolve conflicts amicably.

    One of the main aims of couples therapy is to change behavior. We assign couples tasks to apply the skills they learn in therapy to their daily interactions.

    Resolving conflicts between same-sex couples can be challenging. LGBT couples may face different problems than opposite-sex couples. LGBT couples often experience problems finding a counselor who truly understands their relationship dynamics.

    We specialize in LGBT friendly counseling. Our counselors are trained to identify underlying same-sex relationship issues. They use tried-and-tested methods to win the trust of their clients. During counseling sessions, our counselors teach couples conflict resolution techniques.

    Before a session, we use incense sticks and soft music to create an environment conducive to conversation. A relaxing environment calms down the participants, so they can share their concerns with each other and the counselor without any inhibitions.

    Sometimes, a partner may not feel comfortable sharing their feelings with the counselor in the other partner’s presence. To help couples that cannot attend sessions together, we conduct separate sessions for both partners.

    Sometimes, a relationship is beyond repair. Holding on to a toxic relationship isn’t worth it. Relationship stress can spill over into personal and professional life, having a negative effect on your physical and mental well-being. We help partners determine if they should stay in their relationship or go their separate ways.

    Many arguments between partners start because one partner sees the problem differently from the other. Both partners think their view is right and latch on to their point of view and fight to prove that they’re right. We train partners to understand each other’s point of view and perspective.

    A counselor should be a non-judgmental listener. Our counselors do not judge clients for the choices they make. They respect different opinions and try to understand why a person acts the way they do, instead of deriding them for their choices.

    Want to know how couples therapy works? The first step is getting in touch with experts who don’t only excel in their field, but also care about the relationships they form with their clients. Call our office at (347) 244-7873.