• Couples Therapy: Resolve Your Relationship Roadblocks

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    Are you and your partner experiencing relationship strain? Has the spark in your relationship gone out? Do conversations with your partner often turn into arguments? Consider giving couples therapy in Queens a try.

    A Short Introduction to Couples Therapy

    Couples counseling is a type of psychotherapy that aims to help couples better understand each other. Some other common goals of couples therapy include improving understanding and increasing affection & intimacy. It can help couples decide if their relationship can be saved or if it’s time to amicably part ways with one another.

    Couple therapy equips couples with the skills required to resolve interpersonal conflicts. Though your therapist will usually want both you and your partner to attend sessions, they may occasionally request to see you two separately.

    What Happens in Couples Therapy?

    In couples therapy, you and your partner work with your therapist to get to the root causes of conflicts. During therapy sessions, therapists conduct various exercises designed to help couples work on their conflict resolution techniques. They also give couples take-home exercises to help them apply their newly acquired skills to real-life situations.

    A couple’s therapist is trained to help couples work through relationship problems. During therapy sessions, your therapist may ask you and your partner several questions to get to the bottom of the problem. They can help you two express your love for each other.

    Poor communication can wreak havoc on a relationship. When a couple does not consciously communicate with each other, they often get into nasty arguments. As a result, their relationship dies a slow death. In couples therapy, you learn to communicate more effectively.

    Why Consider Couples Therapy?

    There are many benefits to couples therapy. It can help you and your partner gain a deeper understanding of your relationship dynamics and identify the source of marital discord. In couples therapy, couples identify ways to resolve relationship roadblocks and restore trust. Couples therapy provides opportunities to discuss relationship issues with each other with a nonpartial 3rd party.

    Money is often a common source of conflict in relationships. If one partner overspends or spends their money in a way their partner doesn’t approve of, disputes can arise. Couple therapy can help resolve financial conflicts and address other problems such as mismatched desires, substance abuse, and parenting challenges.

    Signs It’s Time to Give Couples Therapy a Try

    • Everything you do annoys your partner
    • You can’t stop fighting
    • You and your partner are growing apart
    • You can’t be physically and emotionally intimate with your partner
    • You feel that the spark in your relationship is dying
    • You realize that communication problems exist, but are struggling to work through them

    Cooper Mental Health Counseling offers couples therapy. We use various therapeutic techniques designed to help couples work through relationship issues. To learn more, call (347) 244-7873.

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