• Individual Counseling

    Individual Counseling

    Cooper Mental Health is committed to helping people battling their inner demons get their lives back on track. Our team comprises skilled counselors with years of experience and training.  We use time-tested techniques and contemporary methods to help people struggling with mental health problems overcome challenges and discover the strength within themselves.

    Want to give individual counseling in Manhattan a try?

    Individual counseling can help people with anger management, substance use, and mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression manage their condition.

    We cannot emphasize enough the importance of a calm, serene counseling environment. A calm counseling environment can help patients relax. Our counselors create an environment conducive to counseling before every counseling session to help their clients become at ease.

    The one size fits all treatment approach to treating mental illnesses doesn’t work. Our counselors use their clinical expertise to develop customized treatment sessions for our clients. When developing a treatment plan, they consider the client’s expectations, goals, and concerns.

    Public stigma associated with mental health problems stops people from seeing a counselor. When meeting a counselor for the first time, many people can feel apprehensive. Our counselors go beyond the call of duty to make their patients feel comfortable and earn their trust, encouraging them to open up.

    The Cooper Therapy Difference

    Our therapists are empathetic and compassionate professionals. They greet every patient with a warm smile, forming an instant connection with them. At Cooper Mental Health, we’ve found that active listening is the key to productive interactions and developing a strong, healthy relationship with our clients.

    We have our clients’ best interests at heart. During the first session, we ask them several questions about their family history and personality to learn about them as a person.

    Once we better understand the client and their needs, we develop a treatment plan that focuses on meeting their needs. We understand the importance of follow-up care and maintaining open avenues of communication. Our counselors follow up with patients regularly and closely monitor their mental health.

    Whether you are dealing with relationship problems or struggling with parenting problems in Manhattan, we can help. Our therapists have the skills and experience to help individuals lead fulfilling and productive lives.

    Our counselors try to equip clients with the necessary skills required to overcome mental challenges during individual therapy treatment sessions. They teach them to identify triggers and avoid them while assuring their patients that they aren’t alone in their journey.

    Our counselors ensure the focus is on the client during counseling sessions. We respect our clients’ right to make their decisions, which is why our counselors act as facilitators. They make suggestions and help our clients come to a decision or resolution on their own.

    At our initial therapy sessions, we try to set the objectives for therapy. Some common individual therapy objectives are helping the client better understand their feelings, emotions, behavior patterns, inspiring change, and improving quality of life.

    Trust is the keystone of the therapist-client relationship. If a client does not trust their counselor, they won’t be comfortable opening up to them. Our counselors are thorough professionals with a strong sense of morality. They adhere to ethical practices and never share client information with third parties.

    Many clients are understandably wary about sharing their info. To build trust with resistant clients, we start by explaining our policies and our processes to protect client information.

    We also explain under what circumstances we breach our promise-when patients threaten self-harm or threaten someone with bodily injury.

    Our therapists are trained in individual therapies, including behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, psychoanalysis & psychodynamic therapies, integrative therapy and humanistic therapy.

    They realize the importance of engaging the with you and keeping your active in your own therapy session. We strive to help you remain motivated and mindful throughout therapy sessions.

    Changing Your Life Begins Today

    We are on a mission to touch the lives of as many people in New York City battling with mental health problems as possible. We try to understand the motivations behind our clients’ actions rather than judging them for their choices.

    Our counselors have trained themselves to be patient, observant, and respectful while extending a helping hand to our clients and support them throughout their journey. We help clients cultivate self-awareness and build self-confidence, so they can confront their problems courageously.

    The path to feeling better begins with overcoming the first challenge of reaching out to someone. Reach out to our office at (347) 244-7873 to learn why you aren’t alone.