• LGBT Therapists & Counselors in NYC

    LGBT Therapists & Counselors in NYC

    Members of the LGBT community are more likely to experience mental health problems than heterosexual individuals. Unfortunately, most counselors who see heterosexual patients regularly may not equipped to help LGBT individuals. Many LGBT folks with mental health disorders are afraid of being judged for their thoughts & desires and may refuse to seek professional help. An untreated mental illness can wreak havoc on the individual’s physical and mental health.

    Cooper Mental Health Counseling is committed to supporting the underserved LGBT community. We have put together an A-team of LGBT friendly counselors near you. Our therapists have years of experience helping LGBT folks with mental disorders get their mental health back on track. They never judge their patients for their sexual preferences and offer them unconditional support.

    We cannot emphasize enough the importance of effective communication. Direct, clear communication encourages feedback and helps set treatment goals. Various studies show that communication can affect treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. Our therapists are effective communicators. They listen actively and carefully note their patients’ body language to understand the hidden meanings behind their words.

    The therapist-patient relationship is built on trust. LGBT folks often carry a weight of emotional baggage that many therapists may be unable to fully understand. They are afraid of letting people in and mostly keep to themselves. Many of our therapists are members of the LGBT community themselves and, therefore, have experience with many of the problems our patients may have undergone.

    We go the extra mile to build trust with our patients, so they are comfortable sharing their deepest thoughts and desires. We are bound to follow professional oaths and not discuss cases with other people unless we have reasons to believe that a patient may be a danger to themselves and others.

    Research suggests that the therapeutic environment plays a role in treatment outcomes. This is why we strive to create an environment where individuals and couples can be comfortable talking about their emotions and thoughts in a calm, peaceful environment. Physical discomfort caused by high or low indoor temperatures can divert attention away from the real problems.

    At Cooper Mental Health, we provide both individual counseling and couples counseling to all peoples. We work closely with the LGBT community to help its members learn of, and harness, their inner strength to overcome both internal and external challenges. Seeing someone fully become themselves is one of the most rewarding experiences that we are able to support.

    Want to know how LGBT-friendly therapy can be different from traditional therapy? Call our office at (347) 244-7873.