• Muslim Psychologist

    Muslim Psychologist

    Beliefs and practices in Islam are very different from that in Christianity and other religions. Many psychologists may not be aware of the differences between Islamic culture and other cultures. They may use methods or ask Muslim patients questions considered inappropriate in Islam. Muslim psychologists in Manhattan are culturally equipped to manage the mental health needs of Muslims living with mental disorders.

    At Cooper Mental Health Counseling, our psychologists bring years of experience treating different types of mental health problems to the table. They have spent years studying psychotherapy techniques. Instead of treating the symptoms of mental illness, they focus on its root cause.

    Culturally Conscious

    Muslims with mental disorders are usually apprehensive about talking to a non-Muslim psychologist. Many Muslims have an extreme fear of being judged for their beliefs and practices.

    A Muslim psychologist is aware of Islamic traditions & practices and is careful to avoid hurting their patients’ religious sentiments. When Muslim patient sees a psychologist of the same religion, all their fears and apprehensions melt away, and they become comfortable sharing their feelings, thoughts, and emotions with them.

    Someone You Can Trust

    Trust is the foundation of the patient-therapist relationship. Trust between a therapist and their patient is linked to improved patient experience and treatment outcome. When a patient trusts their therapist, they open up to them. Oftentimes, patients say that they “feel” more connected with their counselor.

    Our Muslim psychologists go the extra mile to bond with their patients. They show empathy and maintain eye contact during interactions with their patients to make them feel heard. Our psychologists have an unparalleled ability to put themselves in their patient’s shoes to understand what they’re going through.

    Unique Treatment Approach

    There is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating mental health problems. Two patients with the same mental disorder can have totally different mental healthcare needs. Our Muslim therapists have the expertise required to tailor mental health treatment plans to their patients’ unique mental healthcare needs.

    We believe that learning is an endless process. Our psychologists are committed to lifelong learning. They stay on top of emerging mental health technologies and constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge.

    To make an appointment with one of our Muslim psychologists in Manhattan, call our office.