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    Reaching out to Bruised and Battered Minds and Souls

    Patient-Centered Care

    Feeling stuck in life? Unable to make progress towards your goal? We can help. Our therapists use tried and tested techniques and state-of-the-art technology to detect and treat mental health issues. We focus on helping our patients heal and move forward.

    Healing and Moving Forward


    Do you sometimes feel that you do not completely understand your thoughts or emotions? We urge you to give individual therapy a try.

    Your therapist will help you learn skills to cope with difficult and negative thoughts and emotions. They will teach you how to identify and avoid triggers. Your therapist will provide you with support throughout your journey and stand like a rock behind you.

    Understanding our relationship


    Whether you need some relationship advice before tying the knot or feel that the spark in your relationship is dying, we can help. If you are in a same-sex relationship and struggle to understand relationship dynamics, we offer conduct couples counseling in NYC.

    The objective of couples counseling in Manhattan can be to help partners understand each other better, reignite the spark in the relationship. During sessions, we conduct activities that encourage couples to work together as a team. If you are concerned that you might get into an argument with your partner, your therapist may ask to see you and your partner separately. We do not rush through treatment and believe that healing is incremental.

    Make my work life meaningful


    Most of us will feel stuck in our careers at some point. Often people take a job that does not excite them. We spend a major part of our life at work, so if you aren’t passionate about your work, your job can take a toll on your mental health.

    Do you feel directionless and are going round in circles? We will help you find direction in your life and find your true calling. Progress is made one step at a time. During every session, your therapist will help you learn a new skill that you can use to achieve your milestones and your goal.

    Your therapist will help you unlearn negative thought patterns that are preventing your career progression. We will help you find what excites you and create an action plan to turn your passion into a career.

    Individual therapy will help you understand how you have come to this particular place in your life.

    We will help you see what is maintaining your area of concern.

    Finally, we will help you plan a route toward feeling better.

    Whether you are coming in for premarital counseling or you are having difficulty in your relationship, we will help you understand what is happening. Couples therapy will provide you insight into your relationship and tools to make effective changes to help meet your goals.

    Work takes a lot of our time. Sometimes we find ourselves unfulfilled and desiring a change. Career Counseling will help you explore what you desire, where your interests lie, how your skills may transfer to different careers, and how your values can be aligned with your work.