• EJ Madden, MHC-LP

    I believe that everyone deserves a safe space to be seen and heard; a space where one can speak openly without fear of judgement. My goal is to create this environment with you in the therapeutic setting. In this setting, we may gain insights that allow you to make powerful and adaptive changes in your life, while also working to heal possible past emotional wounds.

    My therapeutic approach has a Psychodynamic base but is otherwise integrative, as I believe in making a unique therapeutic experience that aligns with your needs. While establishing a comfortable therapeutic relationship, we will also create goals for the future. During our sessions we will work towards these goals while also examining past experiences that may have affected you consciously and/or unconsciously.
    I have previously worked closely with individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. I’m most passionate about various traumas, anxiety, depression, men’s mental health, and working with the LGBTQ+ community. I believe that no problem is too big or too small to talk about.