• Harry Garcia, Intern

    Mental Health and Wellness Counseling Intern

    Everyone has a story to tell and each one is just as important and as meaningful as the next. Through conversation we are able to explore your lived experience. As we go through your life story we can collaborate on ideas and beliefs that may be holding you back from not only being your best self but your favorite self as well.

    My approach is integrative, leaning on rational-emotive behavior therapy. However, the goal is to create a space where you feel safe and free to be your most authentic self. Allowing all the parts you love of yourself, and the not so favorite, come to the surface. At times, the process may feel difficult and overwhelming but the reward is worth its weight in gold. Nothing would be more meaningful than to share a cathartic experience with you.

    I am open to working with everyone coming from all walks of life. I specialize with those that identify as LGBTQ+ and/or BIPOC as it stands on the intersection of my own lived experience. Having started my career in business and hospitality then pivoting to mental health, I understand the concerns and struggle of corporate culture coming from a sexual and cultural minority. Helping overcome anxiety, depression, and imposter syndrome.

    Most importantly, if you are reading this you should be proud of yourself because you have already taken the first step towards an overall better wellbeing.