• Jennifer Henry, MHC-LP

    In the process of navigating life, we naturally encounter obstacles. Whether you are enduring difficult life transitions, trying to make sense of your experiences, or navigating tricky interpersonal relationships, you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Therapy is a space to work towards clarity in an empathetic, thoughtful, and authentic manner. Looking at ourselves in the context of individual, interpersonal, and cultural cycles allows us to more clearly understand our life experiences and internal reactions.
    I approach therapy from a holistic, person-centered, and integrated relational orientation. This entails exploring how past experiences have shaped our current beliefs, roles, attachments, and coping mechanisms. We will work together to understand how these cycles may be repeating themselves in your present, and how we can alter them for the better.
    We are all doing the best that we can given the tools we are equipped with. My goal is to help expand your toolbox through exploration of self, psychoeducation, and fostering human connection in a warm, empathetic space. I welcome the opportunity to work with you!