• Mike Regula, MHC-LP

    Mike Regula, MHC-LP

    Mental Health Counselor, MHC-LP

    There’s no reason that you shouldn’t change, and even less reason to believe that you can’t. If you’re ready to develop a deeper awareness of the thoughts, habits, and behaviors that limit your greater potential—personally, professionally, and even spiritually—then you’re in the right place. No matter what brings you to therapy, it’s admirable that you’re following your intention with some real action. It’s no secret, however, that you’re here now because you’re looking to change the way you’re living, and ultimately change the way you’re feeling. I’m guessing that you’re not quite living your best life—in real life, anyway. Let’s change that.


    My version of therapy involves a collaborative, dynamic, and goal-oriented approach; helping you develop greater awareness, eliminate maladaptive behaviors, and interrupt the patterns that keep you feeling stuck.


    If you don’t just want to feel better, but get better—and are willing to put in the work—then let’s get to work.