• Mike Regula

    Mike Regula

    Psychotherapist in Training

    I believe that true growth evolves from challenging ourselves, and that good therapy is collaborative, goal oriented, and provokes us to question how effectively we move through a challenging and often overwhelming world. In meeting life’s challenges, I find that we often stand in our own way, preventing ourselves from achieving the goals we set, and living the most authentic and joyful lives we can imagine. I work with clients to overcome an array of hardships to both heal and formulate lasting, positive change.


    My integrative approach is both empathetic and challenging. I work with clients in a non-judgmental and positive approach to develop a deeper awareness of the thoughts, habits, and behaviors that hinder true potential. With your commitment, I want to help you transcend your challenges and uncover and modify self-limiting ways of operating, while developing the tools needed to become that better version of yourself. Let’s develop a mindset that enables you to find peace and success in all aspects of your life—whatever you determine that to might be.


    If you think my approach might be a good fit for you, please reach out.