• Nicole Alvarez, LMHC

    Our stories are comprised of unique experiences that both consciously and unconsciously shape who we are. I believe that by seeking to understand the ways in which these experiences have influenced us, a pathway for growth and healing is unveiled. My goal is to create a space that is welcoming, warm and nonjudgmental. One that supports the development of self and will encourage each client to remain steadfast in their journey towards living their most authentic life.

    My integrative approach to treatment allows for a uniquely tailored therapeutic experience. One where your individual needs will be taken into careful consideration and handled with the utmost care. With your commitment to this process, my hope is that together, we can work to understand what hinders you and collaboratively seek solutions that leave you in alignment with your identified goals.

    While I have previously worked closely with those struggling with substance use disorders and severe and persistent mental illness, I am most passionate about working with problems related to varying types of trauma, the management of anxiety and depression and issues concerning the LGBTQ+ community.