• What to Expect From Couples Counseling

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    If you and your partner find it difficult to overcome obstacles in your relationship, couples therapy may be the right option.

    Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy where a therapist assists a couple in navigating their relationship issues. The objective of couples counseling is to enable partners to gain a deeper understanding of one another and their relationship dynamics. Another key purpose of couples therapy is to aid couples in restoring intimacy.

    In couples therapy, partners learn effective and innovative ways to manage disputes. During therapy sessions, counselors conduct numerous activities aimed at aiding couples to uncover the root cause of relationship discord and address it collaboratively. Couples therapy can assist partners in gaining a fresh perspective on their relationship.

    If a couple has exhausted all efforts to repair their relationship without success, their therapist can help them determine whether parting ways is the best course of action. Although a couples therapist generally prefers joint sessions (with both partners), there might be instances where they would want to meet one partner to discuss personal issues.

    How Effective is Couples Counseling?

    In a study, an impressive 93% of the participating couples reported that couples counseling in Brooklyn provided them with effective tools for resolving conflicts. Additionally, approximately 97% of couples stated that they benefited from couples therapy.

    What to Expect From Couples Counseling?

    During the initial session, your counselor will ask you both several questions about your cultural beliefs and background. They’ll also be interested in learning about the specific challenges you’re facing in your relationship.

    Once your counselor gets to know you and your partner personally and pinpoints the core issues causing relationship strife, they will establish therapeutic objectives and develop a treatment plan. Therapy goals are dynamic and can change over time. An experienced therapist knows this and comes up with flexible treatment plans that can be tweaked to meet their clients’ evolving needs.

    Poor communication can lead to relationship problems. During therapy sessions, your counselor will conduct a range of therapeutic activities designed to help you improve your communication skills.

    You’ll also be assigned take-home tasks, such as reading a romantic book or watching a romantic film together. These tasks:

    1. a) help couples rebuild intimacy in their relationship, and
    2. b) allow them to apply the skills they have learned in therapy to real-life scenarios and use them to solve relationship problems.

    One of the most common questions couples ask their counselors is how long does couples counseling in Brooklyn last?  The answer largely depends on the intricacies of the relationship and the problems the couple is grappling with. Some couples might achieve their objectives in as few as 4-6 sessions, while others may need to stay in therapy for several months.

    Let Cooper Mental Health Counseling help remove the roadblocks in your relationship. Our counselors use different kinds of therapies to help couples get their relationship back on track. To make your first appointment, call (347) 244-7873.

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